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HOLOGRAPHERS - producers of 3D-excitement via a coherent light source typically devote considerable time, expertise and effort in setting up an exposure. Great care is taken to maximize stability ratio and exposure.

At TOWNE TECHNOLOGIES we are very aware of the quality requirements of your resist holograms so we diligently strive to provide the most recent and optimum quality coatings for your purposes.


Optical grade, polished (both sides), soda lime, float glass, substrates.

Sizes 2"x2" to 15"x15" square (or rectangular). Octagonal plates available up to 18".

Glass thicknesses of .060", .090", .120", .190" & .230" for adequate stability during long exposure requirements.

Glass flatness of .000150 inches/linear inch which is quite adequate for holographic imaging. Flatter glass is available if required.

Spin coating of striation free Shipley S-1800 photoresist.

NOTE: Spin coating is the best assurance of a uniform coating which is considered essential by HOLOGRAPHERS, to image quality. Any variation in photoresist is reported to be immediately evident as a discontinuity in the holographic image.

Standard spin coating thickness is 1.5 microns ± 10% for up to 10" x 10" plates.

Larger plates are normally coated with 2.4 microns of resist.

Spin coating thicknesses to 3.0 microns ± 10% are also available.

All photoresists filtration to 0.2 micron.

Plates are pre-baked to remove residual solvents.

*A sub-layer of IRON -OXIDE (FERROXOPLATE), originally developed for the electronic and semi-conductor industries, is highly recommended for HOLOGRAPHIC application. This sub-layer of IRON-OXIDE provides two important benefits:

1. It greatly enhances the adhesion of the photoresist during electro-plating operations.

2. The FEO,(iron oxide) sub-layer eliminates unwanted back scatter from the glass substrate. Absorption is 75% at 420 nanometers.

Virtually pinhole free FEO Coatings.

All plates are packaged in safe, light proof and dust free crates or boxes.
PROCESSING PROCEDURE for Holographic Photoresist Plates

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