Towne Technologies, Inc.
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Towne Technologies, Inc. 
6 - 10 Bell Ave., P.O. Box 460 
Somerville, NJ 08876  USA 
Phone: (908) 722-9500 
FAX: (908) 722- 8394



Towne Technologies provides Electroforming of nickel and gold. Among other things, we make evaporation and sputtering masks for the electronics industry as well as high precision apertures for many other industries.

Our specialty is the BI-METAL mask. This is a hybrid construction using both electroforming and etching techniques. Small precision features are electroformed into a thin layer of Nickel and are supported by a Copper or Kovar base material. It it most commonly used for evaportation and sputtering masks or with high precision aperture or slit masks. Please: CLICK HERE for General Specs on BI-METAL

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