Towne Technologies, Inc.
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About  Towne Technologies, Inc.


Towne Laboratories was founded by Jack and Mike Obzansky in 1956. Early manufacturing, as well as research and development, was done in a small shop on Main Street, in Somerville, NJ. With steady growth and an expanding product line, the company moved in 1966 into larger facilities on Rt. 206, about one mile from the original location. In 1970 a second plant was opened in Somerville, on Bell Avenue.
In 1993, the Obzansky brothers, now in their 70ís, decided to retire. They sold the company to their production manager, Dr. Hercharan S. Dhillon.
Dr. Dhillon consolidated the business into the Bell Avenue plant, the larger of the two facilities, and changed company name to Towne Technologies. All of the key personnel remained with the new company, and all products and services were continued. This led to a seamless transition from Towne Laboratories to Towne Technologies.



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